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Brexit set to dictate the direction as the pound takes centre stage

As we have said in previous commentaries, the period of strongly rising assets, powered by Central Bank Quantitative Easing, has generally passed but it appears the change to more normal conditions will be much more gradual than anticipated a few months ago, reducing the concerns in the gilt and bond markets and supporting economic growth in most leading economies.

Save & Invest New Model Adviser Cover Star Extra

Jeffrey Deans says that although its unique back-office reporting system is central to the service it provides, Save & Invest is still a face-to-face business at its core.

Save & Invest featured in Citiwire New Model Adviser Publication December 2018

Any client of Save & Invest Financial Planning would rightly expect the firm to know a thing or two about managing their money. After all, the clue is in the name.

Client Dashboard Issues Resolved

We are pleased to report our client dashboard is now fully functional once again. Thank you for your patience while we suffered technical issues that were outwith our control.

Save & Invest Newsletter November 2018

Meeting the people who manage our clients' money is very important to Save and Invest, and in the last few weeks we have been visited by Schroders, M&G, JP Morgan, Investec and Jupiter Merlin.

Global Bond and Stock Markets hit by anxiety

Bond and Stock markets worldwide are reappraising why they have risen so much in recent years.

Our View

Financial markets are in a state of flux. Trump trade wars, interest rate rises, a plethora of politics and Brexit are creating more uncertainty than usual despite global growth being a very positive story.

Markets startled by good news

Global stock market turbulence has dominated the news headlines and is a reminder that investment returns are not normally achieved in a steady upward trend.

Beware the "Taper Trap"

With the introduction of the new Annual Allowance tapering rules in 2016/17, higher earners and their advisers may not fully appreciate the impact the new “adjusted income” rules may have in relation to ongoing, or planned, pension contributions.

Investec Cautious Managed Fund Update September 2017

Alasdair Mundy the Investec Cautious Managed fund manager was in our Glasgow offices on 6th September to provide with us with his update on the fund, including his views looking forward.

First State Investment Manager Update

First state Investment Managers provide their Market Update and Outlook for markets and in particular the First State Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

Schroders Investment Manager Update

We recently met with our representative, Sam Murphy from Schroders Investment fund managers regarding the performance of their range of Diversity funds. Sam answered some questions we posed to him.