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Coronavirus Lockdowns across many countries

Since the UK budget earlier in March the pace of change has been incredibly fast, not just the frightening spread of the pandemic, with governments and central banks implementing massive fiscal and monetary measures to boost future economic conditions. This help is designed to ensure the negative impact on economic conditions of the pandemic over the next few months can be recovered as business and their workers are able to speedily return to economic activity.

There are now many global stock markets that are down over 30% and some key professional investors are starting to buy back in. Whether we have reached the bottom of the market falls no one knows but they must believe there are gains to be made at this point.

Stock markets recoveries are notoriously unpredictable and missing a few key days in the recovery phase can mean those investors who have come out of markets can greatly miss out.

Whilst the past can be a guide, as we know there are no guarantees in the investment world. What we do know is that selling investments just now crystallises the declines in to actual losses and that money on deposit will provide a floor but very little interest, and probably for many years to come.

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