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Standard Life Investment - Post UK Election Webcast

Friday 9th June 2017

Stephanie Kelly (Political Economist)


Liam O’Donnell (Fixed Interest Investment Director)


Thomas Moore (UK Equities Investment Director)

In response to questions:

Q: What is the probability of another General Election before Christmas?

A: Unlikely due to voters becoming frustrated with frequency of important elections and referenda. Also, the ‘Brexit clock’ is ticking and focus needs to go towards this. That said, the only thing that may bring about another election would be if a number of Conservative of DUP MPs lose by-elections which may arise.

Q: Do you think it is possible the pound will drop below $1.20?

A: Fiscal policy will be looser which is supportive of growth. Also the prospect of a softer Brexit should be positive for sterling. Again, it would only become likely if the majority is threatened or if there becomes a real risk of no Brexit deal.

Q: What changes were made to GARS and the MyFolio range prior to, or in the aftermath of the election?

A: With GARS, there is no significant exposure to UK, so no changes made before or after. No changes made to MyFolio specifically as a reaction to election result.


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