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FTSE 100 slides below 7000

Financial markets are in a state of flux. Trump trade wars, interest rate rises, a plethora of politics and Brexit are creating more uncertainty than usual despite global growth being a very positive story.

Although between 12 January and 23 March 2018, the level of FTSE100 index has fallen by 11%, well diversified portfolios in our typical low to moderate volatility range have fallen by a more modest 4 to 5%.  Although it is disappointing to lose any gains it is a predictable feature of investing in capital markets and we are satisfied that our portfolios are placed to weather the current storm and will eventually see the benefits of global economic growth.

This drop in markets has brought into play one of the new regulatory requirements of 2018. MiFIDII which came into effect in January requires all Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) to write to their investors if their investment has dropped by 10% or more and many such letters are now dropping through letterboxes.  Save & Invest does not actively use DFMs as we prefer to give our clients exposure to many investment managers with differing investment approaches and this in our view is working well in the current market.


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