Save & Invest Financial Planning


to the clients of Shepherd and Wedderburn Financial Limited

Save & Invest is delighted to be working closely with the Shepherd and Wedderburn private client team to provide personal and comprehensive services to the Shepherd and Wedderburn Financial clients

In March this year Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP decided it was in clients’ interests to transfer the Shepherd & Wedderburn Financial business to Save & Invest, a long established private business with whom they had clients in common.

This change has now received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Save & Invest team is now looking forward to welcoming and getting to know the Shepherd and Wedderburn Financial clients.

What to Expect from Save & Invest

We want to provide clients with a personal and valuable service. This means we will take time to get to know you, what is important to you and what you see as your financial and investment priorities. We are independent and will give you an independent assessment of your current investments. That means we will look at how they are performing, in terms of diversification, volatility, tax efficiency, cost and value for money. We should then be able to articulate the style of risk you are taking using our house rules and portfolio testing tools.

This does not mean we will change your investments. We expect to meet with our clients at least annually and before we do we provide you with a Pre-review document giving a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio, any changes you have made during the year and areas we think should be discussed at our meeting.

As a Shepherd & Wedderburn or Shepherd and Wedderburn Financial client, once you have met with your new adviser and had your investments listed on our reporting system, you will have online access to a consolidated view of your investments across all the investments or structures you hold (ISAs, Pensions, Bonds etc.) all in a single place with many options as to how you view
or analyse them.

Depending on how you choose to hold your investments, your valuation can be updated and consolidated every day. Our advisers will meet with you at the Shepherd and Wedderburn office most convenient for you, or at your home or place of business. You will also have access to our full support team and technical specialists who will continue to work closely with your Shepherd and Wedderburn legal or tax partner and their team. You can be confident that you will have a full team who know you, ready to assist you throughout the year.

Looking forward with confidence


"We were delighted to establish the relationship with Save and Invest earlier this year and to have achieved this transfer."

"We believe that those clients who have already met the Save
and Invest team have been impressed with the service and professionalism and we look forward to many years of successful collaboration."

Paul Hally
Chairman Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP


We have twelve advisers, backed by a team of technicians and administrators. Most of our advisers have many years of experience and are accustomed to looking after a diverse range of clients.
They cover all the disciplines you would expect, financial planning, tax planning, investment research,
portfolio construction, pensions, including advice on Final Salary schemes and SIPPs.

We are confident that Shepherd & Wedderburn Financial and clients of the wider Shepherd and Wedderburn Partnership will benefit from the increased range of expertise and knowledge this change will bring, while at the same time continuing the strong bond with Shepherd & Wedderburn through a service particularly tailored for its clients.