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To attract and retain talent, remuneration packages are becoming increasingly flexible. This flexibility has brought greater choice, coupled with increased complexity meaning that impartial, specialist and professional financial advice is now more important than ever, particularly for senior executives.

Save & Invest provides a customised financial planning service to senior executives. When it comes to planning their finances, one of the biggest challenges for senior executives is finding the time to take financial advice. That is why we offer our Executive Financial Planning service in the workplace and at a time that suits executives and their business timetable.


We work with the individual to understand their particular circumstances and provide them with a holistic wealth management and financial planning strategy. We help each executive to gain a detailed understanding of their personal financial situation and optimise the value of their remuneration and benefits package, in line with their needs.


Our team will work with the executive’s existing advisers, brokers and banks so that the advice they receive is comprehensive and co-ordinated.

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