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Building up your pension

We provide expert, comprehensive pension advice and guidance to individuals and business owners. We will help you plan how to save for your retirement tax efficiently and as you approach retirement, plan how you can use your pension pot to secure the retirement you want.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep track of how pensions are performing and if you are on target for your desired retirement income. Many people have a number of different pensions with a range of providers which can make things complex and older plans can be expensive with more limited investment choice and poorly performing funds. Paperwork can be daunting and confusing with the result that people often just let old pension plans run along rather than trying to work out if there are better options.

We will review your existing provision, consider if it is beneficial to change or consolidate your pensions so as to save on charges and achieve better investment performance. Even a small reduction in charges can make a big difference to the value of your pension fund when you retire.

Family group

Using your pension fund

Pensions have changed and the options for how to use them for your and your family’s benefit are now huge. However with every opportunity there is a consequence and so it has never been more important to seek skilled independent advice. Save & Invest has pension and investment experts to guide you through each choice you make, now and in the years ahead.

For example:

  • you might choose to never draw a monthly income from your pension pot but simply take lump sums as you need it to meet your spending needs, leaving the balance to pass without tax for your family to draw on after your death.
  • you may want a degree of certainty over your pension income and you can use some but perhaps not all of your pension fund to do that.
  • you may want to draw from your fund to help family whilst you are still working and depending on your age you can do that too and we will help you to understand the consequences.

The permutations are vast and the implications are both positive and negative. We will help you to gain a clear understanding and plan the best route for you.

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