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We build each portfolio carefully, crafting it to your situation but that is not where our work ends - monitoring the portfolio’s performance is just as important.

Our Investment Committee monitors funds and portfolios for returns, performance and volatility. Through this, we provide clients with regular commentary on funds as well as on general market and economic conditions and how they may affect asset classes and investment funds held.

This means that our advice to clients is based on the most up to date data and analysis on performance and economic outlook. It allows us to give timely warnings to clients along with any recommended actions.

The Investment Committee is comprised of experts in investment, economics, financial planning, risk management, compliance, fund research and analysis.



Behind the WealthPro system that clients use, sits the in-depth analysis components that the Save & Invest Investment Committee uses to monitor every fund in which our clients are invested and its effect on each individual’s portfolio. This continuous monitoring covers performance, returns and volatility and means that if any fund or portfolio is not performing as we expect, we can quickly identify it and advise on any necessary changes.

Through Wealthpro, clients can access an up-to-date valuation and analysis of their portfolio at any time and see how it is performing. They can also see how each fund is performing and review our up to date views and commentary on them.

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