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Retirement income

Planning retirement income can be one of life’s challenges.  Years of relative certainty end and it is down to you to plan how savings from pension, ISAs, cash and other investments are to be used to meet living expenses and your plans for your retirement years.

Save & Invest has been running retirement income seminars since 1985. Not only have we become skilled and experienced at putting investments together to provide regular income, we understand the continually changing rules around investments and pensions and can explain how they might work for you.

Everyone is different - some people have high levels of guaranteed pension income as a consequence of years of employment, others may have small or large self-funded pensions and have a wide range of new options on how these might be used.  Often people do not need immediate income but want to have a plan for what they may do in the future.  That is why we do not offer off the shelf solutions but help you build your knowledge of the options for you and your family, now and in the years ahead.

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