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The Government offers us a wide range of incentives to use our money wisely. Tax saving strategies are not about tax avoidance but sensible ways of holding or building your assets.

Simple tax-free saving is open to everyone, be that through ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) or pensions that grow tax free, save you tax on the money you put in and allow you to pass these savings to your family free of death tax.

Capital Gains Tax exemptions enable you to take some gains, for example on a property, without incurring tax, and some investment structures allow you to postpone tax perfectly legally.

High earners might want to use specialist investment vehicles to reduce their tax and by taking a risk to support businesses.

For an increasing number of our wealth management clients, strategic financial planning is as important as strategic investment management so we provide them in a completely integrated service.


For example, expert advice is required to help take "spending money or cash flow" from the best places which will mitigate tax most efficiently. It's not often obvious to those without the expertise to know how to go about structuring assets to ensure they are effective. In some instances it seems counterintuitive to clients but when it's explained properly, the benefits are clear.

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