If you are a homeowner, you have probably seen the value of your property increase over time and may now want to use the equity that you have built up.

Equity Release gives homeowners aged 55 and over access to some of this money to use in whatever way they like.

You can use it for healthcare, to help children or grandchildren with a deposit for their first home or to make improvements to your own home or garden.

You can also use it to simply top up your income, the choice is yours. It may be the most tax efficient way for you to create money to spend.

Equity Release has changed in the past twenty years and now offers homeowners a range of ways to  more safely use what, for many, will be their major asset.

In conjunction with specialist solicitors, we explain the range of ways that Equity Release can work so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you and your family.

There are many schemes being promoted but we only use schemes provided by members of The Equity Release Council. This guarantees that you will never end up in negative equity causing you to have to sell or move home.

We work on a fixed fee basis which ensures you only take out the level of money that suits you, when and how you wish it. As part of the overall project, we can include creating or updating your Will.

Contact us for an illustration of how Equity Release might work for you. Remember we are independent we have no product to encourage you to take, only sound advice.

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