Passing your wealth to the next generation

Talking with Save & Invest about how you wish to use your wealth now and after your death can be a very positive experience

Death and taxes are said to be the few certainties in life, but not all estates are subject to tax.

Estate Planning is thinking about how you wish to use your wealth now, as much as thinking about how it will pass to the next generation or charities, after your death. Many people die with far more assets than they ever imagined.

They may have spent or used more of their assets or savings, in life, if they had taken time to have explorative discussions about how they could use their wealth in life and make constructive plans for their family after they are gone.

Scenario planning is a useful tool to help clients visulise how decisions taken now, or positive or poor investment markets, might affect their standard of living over the years or provide benefits  to their family now or how to address the tax liability that might arise after their death.

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