Governance and strategic investment management

Governance and strategic investment management

Save & Invest has a specialist team that provides support and guidance to pension scheme trustees.

Our specialist team comprises experts who understand the complexity of investment markets and pensions legislation. We can guide trustees in order to help them achieve their objectives and deliver against their responsibilities and duties.

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Pension scheme trustees have serious responsibilites and often little experience of the legislation that governs pension schemes when they are appointed. Save & Invest has helped trustees to navigate the pensions landscape, understanding the obligations upon them and assisting in their dialogue with both the scheme sponsor and the scheme members.

We help trustees understand and implement changes to the scheme as a consequence of new legislation and work with the scheme actuary, administrators and legal advisers to ensure that, irrespective of the scheme size, that the trustees can act with confidence and robust record keeping. It has been an active decade for trustees with changing gilt yields, ESG requirements and often volatile stock markets. Save & Invest helps facilitate discussions that enable careful decision making by the trustees.

As experienced investment advisers, we have devised and implemented successful investment strategies for schemes of multi national or family businesses, alinging the scheme's SIP and the objectives and profile of the scheme.

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Governance and strategic investment management

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