SIPPs - Self Invested Personal Pensions

SIPPs are often an individual's major asset

A tax efficent vehicle for wealth creation and family wealth preservation

A SIPP is a personal pension plan and benefits from the speciific allowances, tax relief and tax free growth. It is an immensely flexible mechanism for life time wealth creation and use, with the ability to easily transfer to the next generation and beyond.

To use this vehicle to its best effect needs skilled advice, because although the advantages are manifest, SIPPs, as with all pensions, are governed by rules.

The rules governing pensions have evolved over time and pension investors have been deluged by a plethora of rules and technical terms: annual allowance, fixed protection, taper relief, money purchase annual allowance, LTA, carry back and carry forward, salary sacrifice, drawdown, pension consolidation, to name a few. It is easy to see why investors might not make the most of this really valuable tool. Save & Invest has decades of experience helping our clients make their SIPPs work for them and their families.

Pensions have changed, just as how we view retirement has changed. For many people it is no longer a fixed date but a period where work become more flexible before full retirement becomes settled. A SIPP is the ideal vehicle to manage the transition to full retirement, to use capital accumulated in your pension for major expenditure in the fun years of life, and with skilled help manage the investments in the SIPP to balance spending with the long term plan for lifetime income and eventual transfer to family.

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SIPPs - Self Invested Personal Pensions

Save & Invest will help you understand all the possibilities your SIPP can offer and build a flexible plan that will adapt over time.‍