We help our clients invest with confidence.

The investment world can be unpredictable so at the heart of each client's strategy is their plan to deal with unfavourable conditions.

Our long experience in investment markets has shown that no asset can be low risk all of the time; even banks in the financial crisis, or property or government bonds when interest rates rocketed. That is why the highest risk we believe a client can take is failing to have a strategy for managing their finances in volatile times. Save & Invest creates such a plan for our clients.

We are genuinely independent and do not have any products or model portfolios into which we shoehorn our clients. We can chose any investment fund on the market, without restriction.

Our portfolios have diversification at their core and each fund chosen has a role to perform. Our Investment Committee has clear rules on how funds are selected and the manner in which they can be used within a client’s portfolio. Our technology automatically tests each individual’s portfolio to highlight if it is deviating from our expectations.

Our on-going investment service is reliable, personal and comprehensive. Thererfore, with a plan to deal with volatility, our clients can afford to be patient and enjoy the real benefits of investing.

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