Pre-retirement planning for staff

Help your staff get useful information and prepare for retirement.

Planning might start many years before the actual retirement but this is time that can be used to build a really useful financial strategy.

We help staff think about how to use their surplus income most tax efficiently to build their pension fund using, for example, personal pensions, salary sacrifice or ISA.

They can talk in confidence about their own circumstances and lifestyle.  They may wish to consider paying off a mortgage or keeping funds liquid to cover key events like a child’s wedding.  We give practical advice on all the options using our years of experience and up to date knowledge of tax, savings and pensions rules.

We can consolidate investment reporting so that they can see various pensions and savings accumulated over the years in one report, and because it is on line and interactive they can choose how they like to analyse it.

As retirement gets closer we can advise on the best investment funds to manage volatility, provide income or guarantees, and which might be the best ways to take monies, reduce tax and give the best options to families.

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Pre-retirement planning for staff